Project | GDISF Non-Traditional Paths to a Technical Career

Ever wonder how do I get a job in tech companies if I don't have a background in coding? Should I go to bootcamp? Where do I start? 

Girl Developt It San Francisco chapter hosted a Non-Traditional Paths to a Technical Career at Turo.  Four amazing women -  Sarah Federman, Nicole Fish, Jessica Dene Earley-Cha, and Kristin Mayer share their stories. Event moderated by Kelly Tran.

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If you're shy going to event, don't be. Girl Develop It is a very support organization for women, men and binary. You'll be surprised some of my friends for life are made thru this organization. Rather stay home, come and join us :-) You might be one of the women that I photograph speaking thru the microphone here. 

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