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My name is Nancy and I am a photographer based in San Francisco & New York City. I worked 15+ years in finance industry and now working on my 2nd career in photography. I love photographing people particularly in their natural environment.

When I am not working, I like to take long walk with my small short leg doggie, Watson (IG: @comewatson).

Two truths and one lie:

1. I performed onstage as a Broadway show dancer.

2. I learned how to process black & white images in darkroom when I was sixteen.

3. My first DSLR camera was Nikon D5300.

Some of my recent clients:

Global Shares

Professional Connector

Family Celebrations

Holidays Portraits

Portrait, Event, Lifestyle and Travel for hire.


PHONE: 1+ 415-713-1500

INSTAGRAM: nancygraphy_official